Fertility Thought Leadership

Havas Formula strategically set out to amplify CCRM’s success and fertility leadership by utilizing its network of physicians and successful patient stories to secure coverage in top national, consumer and key regional media. The agency leveraged timely health observations such as National Infertility Awareness Week, Endometriosis Awareness Month and more to encourage dialogue around fertility. Additionally, the agency aggressively pitched out CCRM’s fertility doctors to discuss a range of trending and hot topics such as Roe v. Wade. The agency also sourced and leveraged a wide range of patient success stories highlighting different services such as IVF, egg/embryo freezing, family planning options for LGBTQ+ persons and more.  And, finally the agency jumped on breaking celebrity news and stories to engage in meaningful conversations with the media.

By leveraging a mix of earned outreach, sponsored content, and social media influencers to share their personal journeys with CCRM Fertility, annual results landed earned media in Good Morning America, Yahoo!, TODAY Show, The Houston Chronicle, Fortune, InStyle, POPSUGAR and more.

157 Earned Media Placements

2.4B Total Earned Impressions

84:1 ROI

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