Kraft Mayo
Mayo Readings

As part of its brand refresh, Kraft Mayo introduced the “Mayo of Mayonnaise” platform, representing the brand’s clear choice to play into and against the strong feelings people have about mayo. As part of its efforts to double-down on the polarizing nature of the condiment, Kraft Mayo launched Kraft Mayo Readings. We dove headfirst into a new controversial cultural debate – this time around astrology. Coinciding with Mercury in Retrograde, Havas Formula launched an integrated earned media strategy paired with a paid influencer program. The team identified and engaged TikTok and Twitter influencers to create campaign content and amplify our earned media results. The posts created an initial wave of hype to drive awareness and encourage users to submit their own mayo spreads.

36 Placements

155M Impressions

41% of Coverage Featured Kraft Mayo in the Headline

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