To change the narrative, we helped Sun-Maid embrace who they are and lean into the fact that well yes – Sun-Maid raisins might actually be the scariest thing about Halloween. In fact, the only thing scarier than getting raisins on Halloween is being the house the hands them out. We leaned into Sun-Maid not being afraid to say it is the scariest house on Halloween by building and decorating a physical Raisin House that brought raisins’ scary Halloween reputation to life for consumers. To amplify this and reach an audience outside of the Raising House location, we launched a TikTok challenge that encouraged consumers to engage with us/tell us what the Raisin House meant to them as well as garnered additional earned media impressions via the creation of a Sun-Maid Raisin House Clean-up Kit for our influencers and their followers.

1 Scary Raisin House Location

6 Weeks from Plan to Execution

4,000 Samples Handed Out

1.4B+ Earned Media Impressions

3200% Increase in TikTok Followers

6.2% Sales Increase

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