Thought Leadership

To amplify LiveRamp’s corporate messages during the Covid pandemic, Havas Formula launched a vigorous thought leadership campaign designed to elevate brand perspective and acumen around three communication pillars –addressability, recession-proofing, and the rise of advanced TV – to dominate mindshare in target business and trade media.

The agency did this through a dynamic and aggressive pipeline of timely, focused creative pitches speaking to the undercurrent of pain points experienced by brand marketers because of the economic shutdown, resulting in a multitude of earned placements. Spanning print, digital and new media, Havas Formula garnered executive commentary, byline, webinar and podcast opportunities across each of the three messaging themes. Results for each pillar ranged from 114% to 400% of target KPIs, measurably impacting favorable brand awareness and consideration.

400% Target KPI

52% Competitive Share of Voice

1.8B Total Media Impressions

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