Year after year for the past decade, Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the U.S., has seen a record increase in attendance. Sounds good, right? Except it’s not. This increase in visitors has negatively impacted Yellowstone to the point that its future is in danger. There’s been more car pollution and not enough staff to keep up with the increased demands; the wildlife has been threatened, the habitats disrupted and there’s been more destruction and deterioration of the park’s natural ecosystem than ever before. So for Yellowstone’s 150th Anniversary this year, create something meaningful without increasing attendance—something that would preserve the park for future generations, generate media buzz all while celebrating its milestone anniversary.

In partnership with Havas Chicago, the agency created a 360-degree campaign that disrupts the national park dialogue (where to go, what to do) and creates conversation around preservation and funding to bring attention to Yellowstone Forever, the park’s nonprofit, and raise money.

Armed with knowledge and insights around “for good” consumer efforts, we appealed to people’s future desire telling them that taking action today could help preserve the park for tomorrow. As a result, we developed and refined The Inheritance Pass. On its 150th Anniversary, Yellowstone  launched The Inheritance Pass via campaign and microsite, asking people to help preserve the park’s future. That made Yellowstone the first national park to offer a ticket to the future.

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