Havas Formula had to figure out how to take an industrial, unsexy product and break through to consumer media. How did we do it? We strategically flipped the narrative and focused on producing relevant, educational and informative editorial content around the HVAC category to build affinity for Trane as the trusted resource for all HVAC-related topics and needs.

To accomplish this, the agency worked to simplify the conversation around HVAC by transforming the brand’s key messaging into relevant and approachable trending topics (i.e., home comfort, air quality, DIY projects, etc.) to reinforce the importance of HVAC in an organic way. Instead of directly focusing on Trane’s HVAC products, Havas Formula leaned heavily on thought leadership positioning to educate and validate important HVAC considerations. Tactics included:

Tactics included: SME’s, leveraging high-profile builder with design experts, capitalizing on current events, establishing an active and open line of communication.

147 Thought Leadership Placements

21B+ Total Press Impressions

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