For high-end power tools brand, Festool, Havas Formula was tasked in creating a three-pronged approach for their annual program that encompassed earned media, influencer marketing, and tradeshow/event support.  We first employed a strategic earned and controlled media strategy that focused on Festool’s various product launches which has resulted in over 582 earned placements and 94.5M gross impressions within the industry trade and lifestyle space. To further bolster Festool’s name in the marketplace, our influencer relations approach focused on reinforcing relationships by seeding various products that resulted in over 524 social posts with 60+ influencers. We also supported tradeshow and launch events in collaboration with Havas Street including the Built Better Product Showcase–an exclusive event for media and influencers to experience Festool’s latest tools within a fully-functioning demo space. Through these efforts, Havas Formula has surpassed its goal for impressions and increased metrics in every category.

585 Earned Placements

94.5M Gross Impressions

22:1 Program ROI

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